There are many places in Sri Lanka to buy mobile phone repair tool kits. Kelamba 11 Petta City has many shops where you can buy accessories like accessories and mobile phone repair tool kit.

Now you can order online from the comfort of your home and get your desired phone, computer, electronics items, and spare parts delivered to your home.

You can choose the product you want by going to the Shop page of this website.

Tools and accessories are available in wholesale and retail from our company.

Also, the products of many other companies, including Baku, Yaxun, which manufacture tools for phones, can be purchased online.

What tools are available for purchase?

A variety of devices are used for mobile phones. In the modern era, such tools are produced by various manufacturing companies.

Among them Hot Air Gun, Digital Multimeters, DC Power Supply, Phone Holders, Soldering Past, Lead, Phone Opening Tools, and other mobile phone repair tool kits many more are used. Nowadays, there are many different technologically advanced devices.

You can buy not only tools like this, but also chargers, batteries, back covers, tempered glass, display types for phones, IC types, etc. through this website.

You can bring all of the above to your home. You can also purchase by placing orders online or by calling our phone numbers.

How to buy?

Our phone numbers are 0718937216 and 0778937216. Or you can also visit our shop at No. 288, Damanewewa, Nuwaragala, Polonnaruwa.

How is the condition of the goods?

Not only mobile phone repair tool kits, but everything sold by our company is of high quality. we are obligated to provide a guarantee for everything. We are committed to providing superior customer service, not just in products.

To know the information you need including which bank details to buy our services and goods, please visit our contact page and call the above phone numbers.

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